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The servicing of 2-Stroke engines

If a 2-stroke engine is not running well it could mean that the oil seals are leaking air. It could also mean that there is another problem on the crankcasing as shown in the video.
Carb maintanance
When your 2-stroke machine stands for a long period of time, the 2-stroke oil inside the carb turns sticky and blocks the ports and jets.
Carbon build up,
when using a mineral 2-stroke oil you get carbon build-up everywhere in the engine.
Pressure and vacuum tests performed on a 2-stroke engine
On the main bearings.
In the cylinder.
In the exhaust port.
On the piston.
Inside the carburettor,
you will have different components that are worn due to either movement or vibration. The lever (picture on the left) wears with time and must be replaced. When a carburettor is serviced, all the diaphragms etc. comes in a complete kit whereby all the components must be replaced. When either the throttle or choke shafts develop play on them, they must be replaced sooner than later. If not replaced soon the ports in the carburettor where they fit in will be worn oval and the complete carburettor will have to be replaced, which is unnecessary and costly.