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The servicing of Electrical motors

will only shorten the life of your equipment. When living close to the sea or in very humid areas, you are likely to have rust build-up on the motor windings and the armature. The bearings are the first to give problems, if you however have your equipment serviced annually this can be cleaned and the bearings can be filled with grease.
Excessive dust and grass build-up
inside and on the outside of the motor will also shorten the life of your equipment. It can cause a short and the motor can burn out and most crucial is the motor can not cool off seen as the dirt keeps the heat inside.
With time the stub axle and main axle
will wear out as in pictures. This can not be prevented, however it can be minimized by having the equipment serviced annually. If the wheel bushes / bearings and axle holders are changed frequently you will prolong the life of your chassis tremendously.
Rust inside your electrical motor,

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